Vegan Appetizer Ideas

I LOVE happy hour. Wine + snacks = happiness. Appetizers can be hard, especially if you're at a cookout without access to your own kitchen. Usually it's cheese and crackers, or a dairy-laden dip. But with just a little planning and prep, you can put something together that is much healthier for you AND the planet. I put this board together for Memorial Day Weekend Happy Hour by the pool - I cut up celery, apples, and grape tomatoes to pair with hummus (along with some crackers), and put together a fresh fruit salad. Of course I had to do watermelon and blueberries to celebrate MDW.

I'm also a huge fan of pickles. In a sandwich or just by themselves. They're perfect on an appetizer platter.

There are TONS of plant-based dips out there, so if you want to get fancy, whip up one of those in place of the hummus (or in addition to!). A few of my favorites are:

Spinach-Artichoke Dip

Buffalo Cauliflower Dip

Healthy Bean Dip

I wanted to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, and as much in the sun, so I went the easy route for this one.

I put this outside, poured myself some Duckhorn Chardonnay, and wa-la!! In my element.

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