Buffalo Chickpea Tacos 🌮

I am ALWAYS on a Buffalo kick - there is very little I don't put Frank's on! I was in the mood for something spicy for dinner the other night, and my go-to is usually Buffalo Cauliflower, but I was a little too lazy to start slicing and dicing. Then I found this Buffalo Chickpea recipe that I've had pinned for years but never tried. It actually calls for Chickpeas + Cauliflower, but I omitted the Cauli and added a lot of extra, easy fixin's instead!

I haven't had a hard taco shell in ages (I'm all about the soft tortillas and making a wrap), but I found a hard one at the store that STANDS UP! How perfect. I paired these tacos with a side of roasted Brussel Sprouts. Once the sprouts, quinoa, and the chickpeas were cooked (which were roasted for extra crunch) - this came together in minutes. Highly recommend for a weeknight meal! You could even make the chickpeas and quinoa ahead of time, and heat them up when you're ready to assemble the tacos.

➡️ What Was Inside? (In order of how I layered it!)

🥑 Avocado/Lime Juice/Trader Joe's EBTB seasoning mash

🍚 Quinoa

🌶️ Buffalo Chickpeas

🥗 Coleslaw Mix

🌶️ Diced Jalapeños (Jarred)

🌶️ Extra Drizzle of Hot Sauce

🍅 Diced Tomatoes (I had these all chopped up and forgot to add them!! But I will next time)


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