🥕Carrot Dogs🥕 (Featuring Excessive Ketchup)

Updated: May 29, 2020

Does anyone remember when Ali from Inspiralized came out with these Carrot Dogs a few years ago, and was ridiculed like no tomorrow? I got two things out of that: 1. Bully's suck. Seriously, you suck. And 2. If you're hating on these carrot dogs that much, you definitely haven't tried them.

Is it a weird idea? Sure. But, if you're looking to avoid that awkward "hot dog or burger?" question at a backyard BBQ, these are your answer. Bring them pre-marinated and ask whoever is manning the grill to throw these babies on. They get their flavor from a delicious, smoky sauce and are topped with all the usual suspects (extra pickles for me, please). As you can see, I went extremely overboard with the ketchup here. Condiments are my absolute favorite.

But seriously, just TRY them!!

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