Helllllo Fall! 🍂🍁And Butternut Squash Alfredo

Updated: May 29, 2020

Who DOESN'T love fall recipes? If you don't, well...fine but you're missing out on soooo many yummy flavors! And Butternut Squash Alfredo? C'mon.

I am absolutely obsessed with this recipe from Joyful Healthy Eats. The sauce is SO creamy, and just screams a chilly evening, colorful leaves on the trees, a glass of red wine, and the couch with a cozy blanket. Clearly I have a vision of how this should be enjoyed. It's such a comforting dish, and with some easy swaps can be made less calorie-heavy and plant-based:

Bacon ➡️ I omitted but I'm sure you can find a plant-based version or make your own. I've seen recipes for carrot bacon!

Butter ➡️ I use Earth Balance or Milkadamia.

Chicken Stock ➡️ Vegetable Stock

2% Milk ➡️ Almond Milk, or any plant-based milk you have on hand would work!

I threw this over zoodles for dinner - then had it leftover for lunches this week over half zoodles/half whole-wheat spaghetti.

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