The BEST Buffalo Cauliflower

Updated: May 30, 2020

I could eat Buffalo Cauliflower every day. It's so versatile - I've had it in tortilla wraps, lettuce wraps, over a salad, over zoodles, and in a pasta bake. I love this recipe from Frank's Red Hot - it's so easy to make and comes out perfect EVERY. TIME. I cut the flour/water mixture in half, otherwise there is way too much excess coating. Sometimes I'll use Almond Flour - It's messier and doesn't come out as pretty, but it tastes the same. When I make this as a meal, I usually have a lot of fixings to put on top like....

🥑 Avocado

🍅 Tomato

🥒 Cucumber

🌶️ More Hot Sauce

✅ Scallions

So, I usually don't feel like I need a dressing. But, if I'm making it as an appetizer, I use this Vegan Ranch Dressing.

Give this one a go!

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