Tips & Tricks for a Vegan Pizza!

No matter what your dietary restrictions are, there is ALWAYS a way to eat pizza. And, who doesn't love pizza!? I've made it a million ways - zucchini pizzas, cauliflower crust pizzas, frozen crust pizzas, you name it. But ever since my Mom bought me a rolling pin, a pizza stone, and a pizza peel, I've been doing it the old school way and absolutely loving it.

I think I could truly eat pizza every night, so I've experimented with a lot of different sauces and toppings so I don't get sick of the same old thing. Keep on reading for some ideas!


I buy fresh pizza dough from the store - I will either buy it at a local dessert shop in the North End (Bova's Bakery), or Whole Foods. I typically buy a few bags and freeze some, so I always have it on hand. If it's frozen, I'll take it out in the morning and leave it on the counter for the day. If it's in the fridge, I'll take it out a few hours before dinner so it gets to room temperature. If you forget to do this, a good trick is putting it in a bowl of very warm water for 30 minutes (with the bag on). It will warm right up and expand, making it easier to roll out.

Base Sauce

I've experimented with 3 different sauces when making pizza. The first is, as you can imagine, regular Marinara. I always stick with Rao's - it's a little bit on the expensive side, but it's my absolute favorite. Anything I don't use in a few days after opening, I put in ice cube trays and freeze. The nice thing about plain old marinara is that is really goes with anything - any vegetable and any cheese.

Try This: Rao's Marinara Sauce + Roasted Sweet Potato Slices + Vegan Cheese

I also LOVE pesto on pizza, in lieu of a red sauce. Inspiralized makes my absolute favorite pesto recipe (it's actually a recipe for Zoodles but I just use the sauce portion).

Try This: Pesto + Sliced Tomatoes + Sea Salt + more Basil + Vegan Cheese

Lastly, everyone loves a white pizza, and I have a few go-to "Vegan Alfredo" sauces when I'm in the mood to go this route! I'm more apt to go this direction in the winter since it's a bit heavier, and just feels comfy :). I'm a big fan of this Cauliflower Sauce from Pinch of Yum, or you can try this Vegan Alfredo Sauce from Nora Cooks Vegan.

Try This: White Sauce + Broccoli + Cracked Pepper + Red Pepper Flakes + Sprinkle of Vegan Parmesan (find a 4 ingredient recipe for the Parm here!)

Cheese Sauce

What is a pizza without cheese? When it comes to Vegan Cheese, I like to make my own. There is nothing wrong with buying dairy-free from the store, but I find it's very salty and I can never understand what's in it! I prefer to make my own using vegetables - but whatever works for you. My favorite is this recipe from Veggie's Don't Bite. If you're looking for something nut free, try this coconut-milk based recipe from Ela Vegan. It's seriously amazing how many Vegan Cheese recipes there are out there!


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