Vegan Mexican Queso

You all know how much I love Sunday Happy Hour's! This week I made a creamy, entirely plant-based cheese sauce from Veggie's Don't Bite - perfect for dunking, dipping, drizzling, or whatever you're in the mood for!

So, what's in it?!

The main ingredients in this Mexican Queso are:



🥕Veggie Broth

🥛Almond Milk (the recipe calls for cashew, but I never have that on hand)

🌶️Canned Chiles

🌶️Canned Jalapenos -- PLUS some of the juice (this is a GAME CHANGER!!)


As a appetizer, I paired this with tortilla chips and cucumbers/celery. I plan to use the leftovers as a sauce with cauliflower rice tonight. I always like to have this on hand for a quick, pull-together meal. Freeze it in muffin tins and you can pop out a serving size at a time whenever you need it.


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