Being vegan is not about what I can and cannot eat, it's about what I will and will not eat.

My Two Cents...


Four Items to Have on Hand for Plant-Based Eating

Vegetable Broth Not only is this a key ingredient in many plant-based sauces, this is a low calorie alternative to olive oil when sautéing. Start with a tablespoon or two, and add as necessary to keep your ingredients from sticking to the pan. 

Cashews  Cashews are gold in the plant-based world. This is the secret to getting a creamy, thick consistency in your sauces. I boil them for about 20 minutes prior to blending, to make sure the result is extra smooth!

Nutritional Yeast Looking to add a cheesy, nutty flavor to your sauces  (without the actual cheese)? This is your solution! Use it as a topping over pasta, "meat"balls, soups, name it. Look to the left and you will find my favorite brand!

Plant-Based Milk My favorite is almond, but any type will work. Whether it's in my morning iced coffee, a vegan baking recipe, or a plant-based alfredo sauce, I seem to always need almond milk! It's also the base in overnight oats, chia-seed pudding ... the possibilities are endless.  


You can go Vegan...

Brands I Love!

Dr. Praegger's I like to eat homemade, non processed food as much as I can, but that's not always realistic. So, I always have veggie burgers in the freezer to top on salads or put in a sandwich if i'm in a pinch. But, all freezer meals are not made equal - some have loads of sodium and are made with ingredients I can't pronounce. That's why I turn to Dr. Praegger's - the first ingredient in their California veggie burgers is carrot. Now THAT is plant-based eating!

Kite Hill Everyone loves a bagel with cream cheese. I've found a few plant-based "cream cheese" recipes that I like, but again, it's not always realistic to make everything from scratch. So, I turn to Kite Hill for a DELICIOUS alternative with no weird ingredients (the first one is almond milk). My favorite variety is the Chive!

Flavor God I love Nutritional Yeast but let's be real, the smell can be a bit funky. I love this Cheese Seasoning because it also has ground almonds, garlic, and sea salt, so to me, has a bit more kick with a little less funk.

How you Can Help!

If going 100% plant-based isn't for you, just one vegan meal a day makes a difference.